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Hydro Jet Drain Cleaner vs Electric Drain Cleaner

Ever come face to face with a blocked drain in your house? It’s a dreaded situation we’d all prefer to avoid. When traditional methods fail, you’ve got two heavyweights to consider that professionals rely on: the hydro jet drain cleaner and the electric drain cleaner.

Both are powerful tools for tackling stubborn drain clogs. But which is the most effective method, and which one should you choose? Today, we will pit the two against each other – looking at the benefits and the drawbacks of both – to help you make an informed decision when you find yourself experiencing blocked drains in your home.

What Is A Hydro Jet Drain Cleaner? 

The hydro jet drain cleaner is like a pressure washer for your pipes. It uses high-level water pressure to clear blockages and leaves your pipes squeaky clean. Its water-powered nozzle technology is what makes it a mighty force against stubborn clogs.

As a method of unblocking your drains, hydro jetting comes with several advantages and disadvantages. Let’s take a look at each.

Hydro Jet Drain Cleaner Advantages

  • Complete Blockage Removal: Hydro jet cleaning doesn’t just dislodge, it obliterates blockages, providing a deep cleanse for your pipes. It uses high water pressure to flush out every bit of the clog, leaving no lingering residue. This thoroughness means your pipes are not only unblocked but also thoroughly cleaned, reducing the chances of recurring blockages.
  • Versatility: The hydro jet drain cleaner is a true all-rounder. It’s capable of tackling a wide array of blockages, from stubborn grease and food remnants to intrusive tree roots. This versatility makes it an excellent tool for a variety of household drainage issues, whether in your kitchen sink, bathroom, or outdoor drain.
  • Environmentally Friendly: One often overlooked benefit of hydro jet cleaning is its eco-friendly nature. As it uses water as its primary tool, it eliminates the need for harsh chemicals that could potentially harm the environment. It’s a powerful yet green solution for keeping your drains clear and functional.

Remember, although hydro jetting boasts numerous advantages, it should be used cautiously and handled by a professional to avoid potential pipe damage. Now we’ll explore some of the drawbacks of this method.

Disadvantages of Hydro Jet Cleaning

  • Potential for Pipe Damage: The hydro jet drain cleaner uses high-pressure water to clear blockages, which is both its greatest strength and its most significant potential drawback. The immense force can be too much for older or fragile pipes to handle, potentially leading to cracks or even bursts. The last thing you want when addressing a blockage is to inadvertently cause a bigger plumbing issue.
  • Professional Handling: Despite its power and efficiency, hydro jetting isn’t typically a job for DIY enthusiasts. It requires a certain level of expertise to operate correctly and safely. This requirement could mean hiring a professional plumber, which could increase the cost of dealing with your drain issue.
  • Water Usage: Given that hydro jetting uses water to function, it can result in high water usage. It’s certainly a more environmentally friendly option than chemical cleaners. However, the volume of water used could be a concern in areas prone to drought or with strict water usage regulations.

Consider these disadvantages carefully before deciding on a hydro jet drain cleaner as the most effective method for clearing your blocked drains. It’s always a good idea to consult with a professional before making a decision.

What Is Electric Drain Cleaning? 

On the other hand, we have the electric drain cleaner, a tool often revered by plumbers. This machine uses a rotating coil that effectively acts like a drain snake. It moves through your drain, dislodges blockages, and breaks up obstructions.

So, let’s explore the numerous advantages and disadvantages of electric drain cleaning.

Electric Drain Cleaner Advantages

  • Ease of Use: One of the primary advantages of electric drain cleaning is its user-friendly nature. It is straightforward, reliable and requires little to no specialised knowledge. This feature makes them a go-to tool for many DIY enthusiasts who want to tackle plumbing issues without resorting to professional help.
  • Safer on Pipes: When it comes to preserving the integrity of your pipes, electric drain cleaners are a gentler option. Unlike hydro jet drain cleaners that use high-pressure water, electric drain cleaning uses a rotating cable or “snake” to clear blockages. This gentle method reduces the risk of damage, especially in older or more fragile plumbing systems.
  • Effective for Common Blockages: For everyday clogs like hair, food, or small debris, electric drain cleaning is quite effective. It can quickly dislodge these common blockages, making it a practical tool for regular maintenance and frequent use.
  • Affordability: In general, electric drain cleaning is more affordable than hydro jetting. The cost factor, combined with its ease of use, often makes it a more accessible choice for many homeowners.

Remember, while electric drain cleaning equipment boasts numerous advantages, it might not be as effective for severe clogs far down the pipeline.

Electric Drain Cleaner Disadvantages

  • Partial Cleaning: Perhaps the most significant drawback of an electric drain cleaner is that it tends to offer only partial cleaning. While it’s effective at dislodging clogs, it doesn’t necessarily clean the pipes. Debris from the blockage may still remain, which could potentially lead to recurring problems down the line.
  • Limited Reach: Electric drain cleaning may be less effective for severe clogs or those located far down the pipe. The rotating coil or “snake” can only reach so far. It’s also not as effective against stubborn, deep-set blockages that require more complex access.
  • Restricted Use: Electric drain cleaners handle everyday clogs quite well, but they aren’t ideal for more complex blockages, such as those caused by tree roots. In these situations, a more powerful tool, like a hydro jet drain cleaner, may be necessary.
  • Risk of Damage: In the hands of an inexperienced user, the electric coil can potentially scratch or damage the interior of the pipe. It’s important to follow instructions carefully to prevent causing additional problems.

While electric drain cleaning offers many advantages, these disadvantages are essential to consider to ensure it’s the right tool for your specific situation.

So, Which Drain Cleaning Tools Should You Choose?

Choosing between a hydrojet technology and an electric drain cleaner unit can come down to several factors:

  1. The Severity and Type of Blockage: An electric drain cleaner should suffice for everyday clogs and blockages. But if you’re dealing with a significant clog or one caused by tree roots, a hydro jet drain cleaner might be your best bet.
  2. The Age and Condition of Your Pipes: If you have an older home with fragile pipes, electric drain cleaning could be the safer choice.
  3. DIY vs Professional: If you’re a DIY enthusiast, you might lean towards an electric drain cleaner. However, if you don’t mind calling in the pros, hydro jet cleaning offers a more thorough clean for your drains.

Remember that every job is unique. What might work for your neighbour may not work for you. Whether you choose hydro jet drain cleaning or electric drain cleaning, it’s crucial to consider your specific needs, seek professional advice when necessary, and always put the health of your plumbing system first.

CCTV camera view inside of drain showing a blockage.

When It Comes to the Electric vs Hydro Jet Drain Cleaning Debate

Remember this guide the next time you’re faced with a stubborn clog. Both machines – the hydro jet drain cleaner and the electric drain cleaner have their strengths and weaknesses. Knowing these can make your decision easier and more effective. Here’s to hoping for clear drains and smooth plumbing in your future!

Please note: This information is provided for advice purposes only. Regulations differ from state to state, so please consult your local authorities or an industry professional before proceeding with any work. See our Terms & Conditions here.

Published: 2023-05-31

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