handheld shower head in grey bathroom, one of 9 types of shower heads

9 Types of Shower Heads & What You Need to Know About Them

Whether you’re there to contemplate life, belt out some tunes or get ready for a big night out, we all spend a big portion of our lives in the shower. Despite all this time, do you know what type of shower head you have? And is it the best kind for your family?

We’ll be covering the 9 most common types of shower heads and breaking them down into their pros and cons.

1. Wall Mounted Shower Heads

wall mounted shower head in black and white bathroom

The most common type in Australian homes would have to be the wall mounted shower head. These are exactly as their name suggests, mounted to your bathroom wall.

Wall-mounted shower heads are on the affordable end of the price spectrum. With fewer moving parts, they’re easy to install and also low maintenance.

Some fixed shower head types even come with adjustable spray patterns. This means you can tailor your shower experience to better suit your preferences.

Many wall-mounted shower heads also come with adjustable shower arms, so people with a range of heights can comfortably use them. The only major downside to wall-mounted types of fixed shower heads is that there aren’t very many styles available.

Pros: Most shower heads are cost-effective, low maintenance, adjustable water spray and height.

Cons: Few styles available.

2. Rain Shower Heads

rain shower head in white bathroom

Ever wanted to stand out in the rain but hate the feeling of wet clothes? A rain shower head recreates this experience and lets you do it from the safety of your shower!

This type is most commonly mounted from your ceiling, but can also be mounted to the wall with a longer arm. Ceiling mounted rain shower heads require pipes to be run in your ceiling which can make installation more costly.

The shortcomings of this type are that they tend to have lower water pressure and only one spray setting.

Pros: Stylish appearance, relaxing shower experience.

Cons: Lower water pressure, minimal adjustability and spray settings, more expensive than other shower head types, more costly installation.

3. Handheld Shower Heads

woman washing dog with handheld shower head

For something that can do more than just rinse the suds off, you need a handheld shower head. Washing the dog, rinsing the shower walls and giving the kids a bath has never been easier than with a handheld shower head.

This type is also great for the elderly and disabled, making shower time an easier process. They also vary in price from being very affordable for basic types with one or more spray patterns, to being very expensive with lots of bells and whistles.

The very thing that makes this type so good is also the cause of its major problem. The flexible hose and additional connections of handheld shower heads mean this type can be prone to leaks.

Pros: Affordable, makes showering the kids/pets easier, makes showering easier for the elderly/disabled.

Cons: Handheld showerheads are prone to leaks.

4. Dual Shower Heads

dual shower head in white and gold bathroom

Interested in installing a rain shower head but don’t want low-pressure showers forever? Dual shower heads are exactly what you need.

Double shower heads combine two different types in one unit – most commonly rain and handheld types. This means you can enjoy a gentle and relaxing shower with a rain type one day, and a high pressure, massaging shower with different spray patterns the next!

This extra functionality does come with its downsides, however. First, you can expect to pay considerably more for these types as you are getting two in one! And second, dual shower heads take up more space and so aren’t best suited to smaller spaces.

Pros: Two types of shower heads in one unit.

Cons: More costly, takes up more space than other types.

5. Sliding Bar / Rail Shower Heads

rail shower head in white bathroom

Does your family have a range of different heights? A sliding bar/rail shower head can perfectly accommodate this so no one’s left out.

Available in a range of prices, there’s a rail shower head to suit every home. These types typically have multiple spray patterns.

The rail which the new shower head slides along, however, does take up more space than a typical wall-mounted type would.

Pros: Adjustable height and spray patterns, affordable.

Cons: Takes up more space compared to other shower heads.

6. High Pressure Shower Heads

high pressure shower head with water on

Is your shower time an opportunity to really give those muscles a massage? A high pressure shower head might be the perfect type for you.

These types provide a steady stream of pressurised water that can help massage out any knot. There are a few downsides to this type, however.

First, there’s the fact that higher pressure water flow means you’ll be using more water, so you can expect your water bill to increase. High pressure water also means that your shower head will likely need to be replaced more often than other types.

Pros: Massages your body while you shower.

Cons: Increases water bill, wears out faster than other types.

7. Low-Flow Shower Heads

low flow shower head turned on

Do you actively try to reduce your home’s water use? Regardless of whether you’re motivated by the environment or simply want to save on your water bill, low-flow showerheads are the way to go.

These water-efficient shower heads use considerably less water than traditional ones, come in a variety of styles and don’t compromise on the water pressure. This means that with water saving shower heads, you’ll be doing both the environment and your wallet a favour.

While most of these shower heads don’t sacrifice your water pressure, especially water saving types might make your showering experience less satisfying and make it more difficult to wash away the suds. They’re also more costly to purchase upfront than traditional shower heads, but you’ll be saving in the long run.

Pros: Reduces your water bill and household water usage, available in a range of different styles.

Cons: More costly upfront, lower pressure water.

8. Panel Shower Heads

panel shower head in white and blue bathroom

If you’re after the most luxurious showering experience for your bathroom, you need a panel shower head. These come with all the bells and whistles you could ever want for a shower. Temperature control, spray pattern settings and LED lighting is just the beginning.

Panel shower heads typically come with an overhead shower as well as a handheld type too! This means you get the best of both worlds for water pressure and relaxing rain showers.

All these shower features are met with a hefty price tag, unfortunately. Panel shower heads often need two holes to be drilled into your bathroom wall too, as well as need a professional to install them.

Pros: Stylish appearance, highly customisable shower settings, comes with two different shower heads.

Cons: High upfront cost, requires professional installation and two holes to be drilled in your bathroom wall.

9. Filtered Shower Heads

filtered shower head with water on

Does your city suffer from hard water? Hard water leaves marks on your clean dishes and fixtures, makes it difficult for shampoos and soaps to suds up and can leave your clothes feeling stiff.

A filtered shower head is the easiest solution to hard water in your shower. With a filtered shower head, you’ll also reap the benefits of healthier skin and hair!

The major downside of this type is that there are few styles available with limited spray patterns. The filters also need replacing every 6 months or so, depending on your water’s hardness.

Pros: Soaps and shampoos suds up more easily, healthier hair and skin.

Cons: Limited styles and spray patterns, filters need to be replaced regularly.

BONUS: Outdoor Shower Heads

Outdoor shower heads offer an enhanced and customisable shower experience in nature, ideal for Australian homes during warm months or post-swim. These heads range from wall-mounted styles that integrate with outdoor aesthetics to freestanding designs making a statement. With options for spray patterns and water pressures, they suit various preferences and are constructed from durable, rust-resistant materials like stainless steel for sustained use. However, they necessitate expert installation, could elevate water bills with frequent use, and might demand regular upkeep to combat mineral build-up.

Pros: Enhance outdoor spaces, customisable shower head settings, and robust construction.

Cons: Expert installation required, may increase water usage, and need maintenance against minerals.

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Published: 2021-04-22

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