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How to Use a Bidet

Picture this: You step into a bathroom that exudes luxury and sophistication, and right there, beckoning you, is a bidet – a secret to ultimate cleanliness and a greener planet.

Bidets have long been a staple in cultures across the globe, and now they’re making waves in Australia.

If you’ve ever been curious about bidets but weren’t sure how to use them, fear not. Whether you’re looking to reduce your toilet paper usage or simply enhance your bathroom experience, discover the luxurious and eco-friendly path to impeccable personal hygiene.

What is a Bidet?

Before we explore how to use a bidet properly, let’s start with the basics.  A bidet is a bathroom fixture designed to help cleanse your intimate areas after using the toilet. It resembles a small sink basin or bowl and is positioned near the toilet.

You might even be wondering why bidets are better than toilet paper. Instead of wiping with toilet paper, bidets offer a hygienic alternative. You use only a gentle stream of warm water to clean the nether regions, leaving you feeling refreshed and clean.

In addition to being environmentally friendly and using less toilet paper, bidets offer numerous advantages, including reducing the risk of irritation, preventing the spread of bacteria, and providing a more thorough clean.

Types of Bidets

Bidets come in various forms, and understanding their differences will help you choose the right one for your needs. Here are the most common types of bidets:

  • Standalone – These are separate fixtures located next to the toilet. Most standalone bidets resemble a small sink or basin with a faucet for water control.
  • Electric bidets – An electric bidet offers a hygienic and eco-friendly alternative to toilet paper. They typically feature adjustable water temperature, and pressure settings, and often include drying functions.
  • Toilet seats – These are bidets integrated into toilet seats. They replace your regular toilet seat and provide bidet functionality with easy-to-use controls.
  • Attachments and sprayers – Add-on devices can be attached to your existing toilet. They offer a budget-friendly option for experiencing the benefits of a bidet.
  • Handheld – Also known as bidet sprayers or bidet hoses, handheld shower bidets are flexible hoses with a spray nozzle. They are held by hand and used to direct water for cleaning.
  • Portable – These compact and travel-friendly bidets allow you to maintain hygiene while on the go. They usually come in the form of a water bottle with a nozzle.

Each type of bidet has its unique features and installation requirements. Now, let’s explore how to use these bidet variations effectively.

Inteliclean bidet spray

How to Use a Bidet

Knowing how to use a bidet is simple once you understand the basic steps. The following instructions will guide you through the usage of various bidet types:

Standalone Bidets:

Standalone bidets have taps for controlling temperature and pressure. Here’s how to use them:

  1. Begin by positioning yourself over the standalone bidet, facing the fixtures.
  2. Turn on the cold water control slightly and test the temperature with your hand. Gradually adjust the hot water control until you reach a comfortable temperature.
  3. Once the temperature is suitable, use the bidet’s water controls to adjust the water pressure to your preference.
  4. Allow the water to flow and cleanse the desired area. You can use your hand to guide the water if necessary.
  5. After cleaning, pat dry with a cloth towel or let the air dry naturally.

Toilet Seat Bidets:

Toilet seat bidets offer a convenient bidet experience without needing a separate fixture. Follow these steps:

  1. After using the toilet, activate the bidet feature using the controls positioned on the side of the seat or remote control.
  2. Adjust the temperature of the water and the pressure according to your preference.
  3. Position yourself comfortably over the toilet seat bidet, ensuring the nozzle is aimed correctly.
  4. Activate the bidet spray and let the water cleanse the area. You can also adjust the position of your body for a thorough cleaning.
  5. Once done, use a cloth towel or toilet paper to dry off or use the bidet’s drying function if available.

Bidet Attachments and Sprayers:

Bidet attachments and sprayers are relatively easy to use and install. Here’s a general guide:

  1. Install the bidet attachment or sprayer according to the manufacturer’s instructions. This usually involves connecting it to the water supply and positioning the nozzle correctly.
  2. hold the bidet sprayer or hose and direct the water toward the desired area after using the toilet.
  3. Adjust the water pressure by manipulating the controls on the attachment or sprayer.
  4. Remove the sprayer or hose for a thorough cleaning, ensuring you reach all areas.
  5. Dry off with a cloth towel or allow the water to air dry.

Handheld Bidets:

Handheld bidets offer flexibility and ease of use. Here’s how to use them effectively:

  1. Hold the handheld bidet securely and direct the nozzle toward the desired area.
  2. Turn on the water flow, starting with low pressure, and gradually increase it as needed.
  3. Move the nozzle gently to ensure all areas are cleaned thoroughly.
  4. Adjust the water temperature and pressure according to your preference.
  5. Once done, dry off using a cloth towel or let the water air dry.

Portable Bidets:

Portable bidets are compact and offer a great deal of convenience. Many people use them as travel bidets. Follow these steps for proper usage:

  1. Fill the portable bidet bottle with water, ensuring it is clean and hygienic.
  2. Position yourself comfortably over the toilet or any suitable basin.
  3. Direct the nozzle toward the desired area and squeeze the bottle gently to release water.
  4. Adjust the pressure by controlling the force of the squeeze.
  5. After cleaning, pat dry with toilet paper or use a cloth towel.

Remember, most bidets also are designed to promote hygiene, so adjust the water temperature, pressure, and cleaning technique to your comfort level.

How to use a bidet

Why Choosing a Professional for Bidet Installation is Key

When it comes to installation, many people face a crucial decision: should they attempt a DIY installation or seek a professional? While the allure of saving money and the satisfaction of accomplishing a task independently may be tempting, there are several compelling reasons why most people hire an expert for bidet installation.

Technical Knowledge and Experience:

Bidet installation requires a certain technological know-how. Professionals have the expertise and experience to handle the intricacies of the installation process, ensuring that it is done correctly and efficiently.

They understand the plumbing requirements and the necessary connections for modern bidets, mitigating the risk of potential issues and ensuring a smooth installation. They also know various types of bidets and their features; most modern bidet toilets include an air dryer and hot or cold water controls.

Compliance with Building Codes and Regulations:

Bidet installation must adhere to local building codes and regulations. Professionals are well-versed in these requirements and ensure the installation meets all necessary standards. By hiring an expert, you can rest assured that your bidet installation is compliant, avoiding potential legal and safety complications in the future.

Time and Cost Efficiency:

While a DIY installation may seem cost-effective initially, it often comes with hidden expenses. Mistakes can happen without the proper tools, knowledge, and experience, leading to costly repairs and replacements. Hiring a professional eliminates these risks, saving you time and money in the long run. Experts work efficiently, minimising disruptions to your daily life and completing the installation promptly.

Warranty Protection:

Professional installers often offer warranties on their workmanship. In case of any issues or malfunctions post-installation, you can rely on the warranty to cover the necessary repairs or replacements. This added protection provides peace of mind and ensures you receive the required support if any problems arise.

Safety and Peace of Mind:

Bidet installation involves working with water and plumbing systems, which can be potentially hazardous. Hiring a professional prioritises safety and minimises the risk of accidents, leaks, or damage to your property. Professionals undergo rigorous training and follow safety protocols, ensuring the installation is carried out precisely and cautiously.

While DIY projects can be rewarding, bidet installation is an area where the expertise of a professional truly shines. By choosing a professional, you invest in a seamless installation process, optimal functionality, and the peace of mind that comes with knowing your bidet is in capable hands.

Say Goodbye to Toilet Paper!

Bidets offer a superior alternative to traditional toilet paper usage, promoting personal hygiene, sustainability, and a refreshing clean. Whether you choose a standalone bidet, bidet toilet seat, attachment, handheld bidet, or portable bidet, understanding how to use it properly is key.

Metro Plumbing’s guide has equipped you with the knowledge and confidence to embark on your bidet journey. Embrace this modern bathroom fixture and say goodbye to outdated hygiene practices.

Get ready to experience a new level of freshness, sustainability, and comfort with the remarkable power of bidets. Upgrade your bathroom routine, reduce your environmental footprint, and enjoy the ultimate cleanliness with the art of bidet usage.

Please note: This information is provided for advice purposes only. Regulations differ from state to state, so please consult your local authorities or an industry professional before proceeding with any work. See our Terms & Conditions here.

Published: 2023-07-18

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