Pipe relining

5 Benefits of Pipe Relining

Pipe relining, a lesser-known yet highly effective solution to repair broken pipes, offers numerous advantages that many homeowners may not be aware of. Before you consider disrupting your perfectly manicured garden with extensive excavation to replace an existing damaged pipe, consider the benefits of pipe relining.

Also known as drain or sewer pipe relining, this innovative method has emerged as a preferred alternative to traditional pipe replacement techniques. Not only is it less intrusive, preserving your landscape and structures, but drain relining also boasts superior durability and longevity. It also:

  • effectively combats tree root intrusion
  • enhances flow efficiency, and
  • stands out for its time and cost efficiency.

This makes pipe relining a smart, long-term investment for maintaining the health and functionality of your home’s plumbing system.

How Pipe Relining Works

Pipe relining is an advanced, cost-effective solution for repairing damaged or broken pipes without the need for extensive excavation. This innovative technology involves drain relining specialists inserting a seamless liner into the existing pipe. This layer is typically made of durable epoxy resins, when then bonds to the interior diameter. It effectively creates a new, seamless pipe within the old one.

The drain relining process involves not only repairing existing damage but also strengthening the original pipe itself against future problems, such as tree root intrusion. With its ability to fix pipes from the inside, this process represents a leap forward in plumbing and pipe repair technology.

Assessing the Suitability of Pipe Relining Solutions

It’s worth noting that while drain relining will always be the preferred option to repair pipes underground, it won’t necessarily always work in every situation. Especially when the collapsed pipe is beyond repair. And when relining pipes is not a viable solution, that’s when it comes time to explore the last resort option of replacing the pipe work. But before deciding on whether to replace or reline pipes, a plumber will examine the damaged drain first.

To Reline Or Replace?

When licensed plumbers face damaged pipes, they use specialised equipment to determine the best fix. First off, they feed a CCTV camera through an access point and down the entire length of the pipes to get a good look at what’s going on inside. This check-up is super important to see if relining the host pipe is a viable solution.

If they spot a collapsed pipe that’s beyond saving, then sadly, pipe relining isn’t going to cut it. The only option left is swapping out the busted part with a shiny new pipe. But, if the damage isn’t too bad, the plumber can start the drain relining process. They start with a high-pressure water jet to give the blocked pipes a thorough clean, making sure the new pipe lining sticks perfectly to the internal diameter.

The Process is Less Intrusive

Plumbers and homeowners alike favour the pipe relining process for its minimal disruption, especially when compared to traditional pipe replacement methods. This innovative technique, often referred to as ‘no dig pipe relining’, uses special relining technology for repairing broken or damaged pipes beneath your property without the significant upheaval of excavating your garden or driveway. It’s particularly advantageous for sewer pipe and drain pipe repairs situated under landscaped areas or buildings.

Saving Your Backyard From Extensive Excavation

By avoiding extensive digging, the use of pipe relining technology preserves the aesthetic appeal of your property. It also significantly reduces the time and inconvenience typically associated with pipe repairs and fixing severely blocked drains. This approach to pipe lining is ideal for busy homeowners where time and minimal disruption are of the essence. With pipe relining, you can expect a swift and efficient solution to your pipe problems.

The Relining Solution is Long Lasting

A key advantage of the pipe relining process is its exceptional durability and longevity. This method revitalises your existing pipelines, including sewer pipes and drain pipes, using high-quality epoxy resins. These materials are renowned for their strength and resilience, often extending the life of pipes beyond their original state. As a result, relined pipe systems can withstand various environmental stresses, from invasive tree roots to soil movements.

Valuable Protection in Every Sense Of The Word

Most plumbing companies offer extended warranties with their pipe relining solutions, reflecting the confidence in their long-term performance. This means homeowners can enjoy peace of mind, knowing their plumbing system is secure against future issues. The durability and longevity offered by pipe relining make it a wise investment for anyone seeking a reliable and long-lasting solution to their pipe repair needs. With top pipe relining experts and specialists employing the latest techniques, you can expect a robust and enduring fix for your plumbing challenges.

Stops Tree Roots in Their Tracks

A major benefit of the pipe relining process is its effectiveness in combating tree root intrusion, a common issue in sewer and drain pipe systems. Tree roots are naturally attracted to the moisture and nutrients in pipes, leading them to infiltrate and cause damage. The pipe relining solution addresses this by creating a seamless, tight seal inside the existing pipe. This barrier prevents roots from penetrating the pipes, effectively repairing pipes and safeguarding them against further root-related issues.

Invasive Tree Roots Be Gone!

The resilience of the relined pipes against tree root invasion is a significant advantage, especially in areas with extensive underground vegetation. Homeowners can thus enjoy peace of mind, knowing their newly-fortified pipes are protected from one of the most persistent problems in pipe maintenance. Pipe relining specialists often emphasise this benefit, highlighting the method’s superiority over traditional repair techniques in preventing root intrusion.

Relining Sewer Pipes Can Increase Flow

One of the most significant benefits of the pipe relining process is enhanced flow efficiency. This is particularly vital for the optimal functioning of sewer and drain pipes. Over time, traditional pipes, especially older clay or corroded metal ones, can develop rough interiors that restrict water flow. Pipe relining solves this issue by introducing a smooth, seamless liner within the existing pipe. This new inner surface greatly reduces friction, allowing for a more efficient flow of water and waste. The process effectively eliminates the common problems associated with blocked pipes, ensuring a more consistent and reliable flow.

Enjoy An Improved System Performance

By opting for pipe relining, homeowners can enjoy improved system performance, with the added benefit of potentially reducing the risk of future blockages and maintenance issues. This efficiency enhancement is one of the key reasons why many choose pipe relining solutions for their plumbing and sewer line needs.

Drain Relining Is Quick and Easy

The time and cost-efficiency of pipe relining are among its most appealing benefits, especially when compared to traditional pipe replacement methods. Traditional approaches to pipe repairs often involve extensive excavation, which can be both time-consuming and costly. There’s also the additional restoration work required post-repair. By contrast, pipe relining is a much quicker process. Eliminating the need for large-scale digging reduces both the labour hours and the machinery required. This leads to a significant further reduction in overall pipe relining costs.

Less Disruption To Your Daily Routine

In addition to the pipe relining cost being comparatively lower than conventional pipe replacement methods, the speed of the process means less disruption to daily life. For those seeking a cost-effective, efficient solution for repairing sewer pipes, drain pipes, or other plumbing issues, pipe relining presents an attractive option, blending speed, efficiency, and relative affordability.

BONUS BENEFIT: Environmental Friendliness

An often-overlooked yet significant advantage of pipe relining is its environmental friendliness. Traditional pipe repair methods can be quite invasive. Not only do they disrupt the landscape, but can also impact local ecosystems through extensive excavation. On the other hand, pipe relining technology is trenchless, meaning it requires minimal digging and thus preserves the surrounding environment. This reduced land disturbance is crucial in maintaining the natural habitat, especially in areas with rich biodiversity.

Furthermore, the durability of relined pipes means fewer repairs and replacements in the future. This leads to reduced material waste and lower carbon emissions associated with manufacturing and transportation.

Contact the Pipe Relining System Specialists Today

Sewer pipe relining emerges as a superior solution for modern plumbing needs. It offers a blend of minimal disruption, enhanced durability, effective protection against the intrusion of tree roots, improved flow efficiency, and remarkable time and cost savings. This method, particularly beneficial for sewer pipe and drain pipe repairs, is an ideal choice for homeowners seeking a hassle-free, long-lasting resolution to pipe issues. Choosing this process protects the integrity of your plumbing system and sees you investing in a future-proof solution.

Metropolitan Your Pipe Lining Professionals

Metropolitan Plumbing stands at the forefront of this technology, providing expert pipe relining services tailored to your unique requirements. Embrace this advanced, no-dig approach and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a reliable, efficiently functioning plumbing system.

Contact Metropolitan Plumbing today when you need pipe relining work for your home. It doesn’t matter if it’s stormwater or sewer pipe relining, we are here for you!

Published: 2020-07-10

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